1) Is it safe?

Yes it is absolutely safe

2) Do you accept Escrow?


3) How do you prove that you are legitimate?

We have been working for years and looking at the professionalism of our team members and the positive responses from our clients, you can be confident that we are legitimate. If you don’t receive a card or other order, we will refund the money to you!

4) When can you send my order?
Immediately after payment, we will receive notification of your order and process it. If you have ordered cvv, fullz, or log we will ship your order within 10min. If you have ordered a transfer, we will send it to you within 1-1.5 hours.

5) Is it safe to receive the cards at my address?

All cards are safe to deliver and are not prohibited items. We make sure to send the cards in safe packages such as: greeting cards, magazines and more. In addition, our cards look exactly like a regular credit card with high quality printing and embossing.

6) What is the difference between a cloned card and a prepaid card?

CLONED CARD is a card whose details have been copied using a dedicated device called an “ATM Skimmer” or by hacking into credit card databases on the Internet. The card is associated with a person’s bank account

PREPAID CARD is a card that can be used anywhere and that accepts a Visa or MasterCard, but the difference is that it is a card that is not associated with any bank account and that does not have any personal information. identification and therefore its use is completely anonymous!

7) Do you provide a PIN code?

Yes. All cards have a magnetic strip and a chip with a 4-digit PIN code

8) Which countries do you ship to?

We can send cards to any country

9) In which countries can I use it?

Visa and MasterCard are international cards, and you can withdraw them at any ATM.

10) Can I use it online? | Can I use it for online payments?

Yes you can. You can use our cards to make online purchases or other online payments

11) Is it safe to receive money in my personal PayPal account?

Yes absolutely sure. As we explained, the money will be sent from a clean and verified account with a six month transaction history.

12) Why don’t you withdraw yourself?

Of course, we are withdrawing for ourselves. But we can’t cash a lot of money in a small town because it’s dangerous. It is also very dangerous to cooperate with agents in other cities, as they may be police officers. It is easier and safer for us to handle the sale. We also believe in Bitcoin and hope to get rich from it.